workers compensation


We have been representing working people for more than 35 years for injuries on the job. The company you work for has professional people in the worker’s compensation field representing them, so should you. Once you are injured, you are on your own against the insurance company. Your employer has no control over how your case is handled; those decisions are made by strangers at the insurance adjuster’s office. Their decisions on whether to pay your bills, keep your benefits up to date, or allow you to continue to see your doctor are based on one thing: Money. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can see to it that you get treated fairly and your rights are protected, but only if you hire them.
We see people without attorneys at the Worker’s Compensation Commission every month to settle their cases “pro se”. These people are not being paid what they are entitled to, that’s why the company has agreed to settle. An effective attorney will pay for his fee (20%) and net the client more than the insurance company will ever pay. In fact, if you get an offer to settle, bring it in and we will show you how we can guarantee you will get more money by hiring us or we will represent you free of charge!

Many injured people want information about the following topics:

You are entitled to choose your own doctor, not the company’s doctor. Your doctor will be paid by the insurance company. Many insurers delay payments to pressure you t end treatment. We see to it that your bills are paid promptly so you get all the care you need to get better and return to work.

You have the right to receive a check for 2/3 of your gross wages on a regular and timely basis, usually weekly. The only way to be sure you get the correct benefits when you should get them is to hire a lawyer. We see many cases where benefits are under paid or cut off completely because the injured employee is unrepresented. This is a common tactic to force people back to work before they are done with treatment.

This is the most complicated area of worker’s compensation law. What your case is worth depends on your wages, the part of the body injured, your medical records, the amount awarded previously in similar cases, your age, your job duties, and primarily, whether you choose to be represented by an attorney. There is simply no way an injured person can be sure they are receiving a fair settlement without the input of an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer. And why should they? Consultations are free with no obligation.

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