5 reasons to have a will

A Will is a document that controls the disposition of a person’s property at death. Some of the reasons to have a will include:

1. Allows you to decide who will receive your property;
2. Allows you to designate a guardian if you have minor children;
3. Allows you to leave assets in trust for the benefit of your children;
4. Gives your loved ones direction in a difficult time;
5. Allows you to select who will be responsible for carrying out the instructions of the will

Powers of attorney are documents that allow you to designate someone to make financial or healthcare decisions for your benefit should you become incapacitated. There are two types of power of attorney, one for financial matters, and one for healthcare matters. The financial power of attorney lets your designated agent make decisions regarding your house, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and expenses. A healthcare power of attorney gives your agent clear instructions regarding end of life care, and allows your agent to make decisions regarding your health care.

Everyone, regardless of age and wealth, should have a will and powers of attorney in place to protect their assets and their loved ones if something should happen to them. If you are in need of a will and powers of attorney, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.